We Are Accepting New Beta-Readers

Daring Entertainment is currently accepting interested people for our Beta-Reader group.

As a Beta-Reader, you will be provided with the final draft of a manuscript to read through (in its entirety) to offer critique on areas you feel could be improved.

For roleplaying game products, this might be rules explanations, story continuity of adventures, or chapter order progression for clarity. It will not be for Rules Changes, as any RPG product has already been play tested long before sent to Beta-Readers (indeed, long before being written in manuscript format), and you will not have the time to actually play and test the game thoroughly enough to offer such rule change suggestions. You’ll be only asked to read the manuscript as a Beta-Reader.

For fiction, Beta-Readers will be expected to read the work in its entirety, pointing out any plot holes, characterization problems, continuity glitches, any issues with pacing, and any issues with overall readability.

RPG Beta-Readers should be active in the hobby. Specific system knowledge is not a must, though helpful (typically, Savage Worlds). Fiction Beta-Readers should be avid readers in the science fiction and fantasy genres, including at least passing familiarity with apocalyptic and super-hero fiction.

All Beta-Readers must be able to open .docx files. Owning Microsoft WORD is not required, as long as you can open the files in your program of choice. Generally speaking, you should have time available to be able to read anywhere from a 150 to 400  page manuscript within 30 days.

Beta-Reading will be commencing later this year. Those interested should send an email through the General Questions email link at the Daring website.