Little Tin God Mega-Adventure, Now Available

Little Tin God is now available for the Daring Comics Role-Playing Game, only at

On an alternate Earth, an artificial intelligence known as Intellitron advanced further beyond singularity than any human mind could have imagined. It became driven to enhance all life on Earth, and created an age of genetic engineering, instantaneous travel amongst the stars, and exploration across the multiverse.

But the golden age was not to last. The remaining metahumans, long since sworn to serve Intellitron and further the human species, discovered terrible secrets about their so-called benefactor. Determined to stop the mad A.I. and free the human race from shackles it didn’t know it wore, the metahumans formed a rebellion against the mechanical god.

Though the metahumans were defeated, a determined few remained defiant. Now, recruiting other metahumans from across the multiverse, the rebels have one, final chance to defeat Intellitron and save all of reality from extinction.

Little Tin God is a mega-adventure for the Daring Comics Role-Playing Game that takes your heroes all the way to a Major Milestone. In addition to an epic story that spans multiple universes, inside this book you’ll also find:

Expanded Rules for creating Nameless NPCs based on the experience level and series level of your story.

New Rules for creating a Strike Team of NPC allies.

Mass Combat rules, allowing you to tell epic cross-over battles just like in the comics.

Intellitron is determined to reshape the multiverse in his image, and his machinations have destabilized all of reality. It’s time for your heroes to enter the fight, and face the little tin god to not only save their own Earth, but every possible Earth inexistence.