June 20th Releases

The Daring Comics Training Room Rules is a free PDF download that allows you to see what the Daring Comics Role-Playing Game has to offer.

Curious about the game but haven’t purchased it yet? Let the Training Room Rules give you an idea of how it plays and some of the basics it offers.

Have the game and want some player-character archetype ideas for your group? Download the PDF for free and claim the 10 that are provided here.

Remember, this is not the full ruleset, and does not included a full listing of powers or stunts, invention rules, super-team rules, and lots of other features provided by the complete rulebook.

It’s available at RPGNow.

Also released today, the newest writing blog entry over at Daring Word Slinging. In this installment, Lee talks about some of his writing habits as it pertains to taking those early story seed ideas and beginning development on them. Check it out at the Daring Word Slinging blog.