Daring Comics RPG, Update

First of all, thanks to everyone out there who has purchased the RPG and some of the Daring Comics Spotlights. The RPG continues to find new customers. I'm very grateful.

Being, really, a one-man writing team, I've had a lot of time taken up getting the recent Savage Worlds Kickstarter through the art phase and prepped for layout next month. Unfortunately, that took time away from some of the Daring Comics support material I wanted to get out (we are a small company of a few people, overall).

I also wanted to see which style of Daring Comics Spotlights sold, and which didn't, to better get a feel for what fans wanted.

There will be new Daring Comics Spotlights after the Holidays, including the one for Street Vigilantes. I'm also looking at other types of support material, I just don't want to say what, just yet. Yeah, I know, that sounds like a cop-out. But just in case one or two of them end-up Vaporware, I'd rather not guarantee a certain title at this point and disappoint folks.

But yes, there is more coming for Daring Comics in 2017, along with solid information on the "whats."

---- Lee F. Szczepanik, Jr.