Daring Comics RPG Summer Release Schedule

We’ve solidified the summer release schedule for the Daring Comics Role-Playing Game support material, with some really good PDFs on that way! The first support product, Daring Comics Spotlight #1: Teleportation, will release on May 30th, and we’ll have a new release approximately every two weeks after that. 

Daring Comics Spotlight #1: Teleportation

Daring Comics Training Room Rules (free download)

Daring Comics Sheet Collection (free download)

Daring Comics Errata Update (free download)

Daring Comics Spotlight #2: Powers Unleashed

Daring Comics Spotlight #3: Power-Armor

Daring Comics Spotlight #4: The Street Vigilante

Daring Comics Spotlight #5: The Shapeshifter

Daring Comics Spotlight #6: Game Hacks, Set 1

All of the free download PDFs will be releasing on the same day.

The Daring Comics Training Room Rules is a free download, quick-start rules set. It provides an introduction to Daring Comics, and comes complete with a mini-adventure and 10 pre-generated character archetypes. The archetypes are fully statted, including aspects, with tips on how to use the aspects and power set in play. All players need do is name the character. The mini-adventure is good for a single session of play, either to introduce your group to the game, or as a convention game. The archetypes are:

  • Acrobatic Archer
  • Android Hero
  • Dark Vigilante
  • Energy Controller
  • Feral Combatant
  • Heroic Flora
  • Invulnerable Hero
  • Power-Armor
  • Psychic Combatant
  • Speedster

And although not absolutely set in stone yet, based on current plans, we’re looking at the following Daring Comics Spotlights for release after the summer schedule. They aren't yet numbered because we honestly haven't decided on a firm release order at this point.

Daring Comics Spotlight: Galactic Guardians

Daring Comics Spotlight: The Elemental

Daring Comics Spotlight: Super-Men and Wonder-Women

Daring Comics Spotlight: System Guide: Non-Human Races

Daring Comics Spotlight: Masters of Illusion

Daring Comics Spotlight: The Probability Master