Daring Comics RPG Softcover Now Available

We’ve updated some of our product listings, and added two free downloads.

First, we've updated our OneBookShelf listing (RPGNow and DriveThruRPG) to include specific product line categories, making finding our Daring Comics RPG or World of the Dead products easier.

The Daring Comics Role-Playing Game PDF has been updated with a new second printing file. The new file removes the page backgrounds entirely, includes the errata corrections, and fixes some typographical errors.

The Daring Comics RPG Softcover Edition is once again available for purchase, with the same updates as the PDF. If you already own a physical copy of the first printing, it is not necessary to purchase a second printing. This one page free download contains all the errata (Errata File).

And be sure to watch the Daring Forums for any future errata that might come to our attention. 

We also now have the Daring Comics Character Sheet free download available, which contains the character sheet, series worksheet, super team sheet, and support cast & rogues sheet. Additionally, we’ve uploaded a one page Daring Comics RPG Errata File, as already mentioned, for free download

Within the next few weeks, watch for the launch release of the ongoing Daring Comics Spotlight PDF series, which spotlights various parts of the Daring Comics game system, takes deeper looks into various powers and power sets, and offers new system hacks.

Also be on the lookout for the Daring Comics Training Room Rules coming this June, a free test drive download that lets you take the Daring Comics RPG for a spin at no cost. It includes a one-shot adventure, 10 pre-generated character archetypes, and the rules needed to play the adventure.