Daring Comics Role-Playing Game Now Available

The Daring Comics Role-Playing Game is now available for retail purchase at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. Powered by the Fate Core system, Daring Comics is a complete rulebook, giving you all the tools to create your own settings and characters, and bring your comic book stories to life.

Included are over 100 ready-made powers, special effects, and limits. Rules on creating your own powers. Dozens of sample stunts and rules on how to create your own. Rules for running a super team, inventing super-science devices, and creating character complications for earning additional Fate Points in play.

There’s also a line of support material coming throughout the year, from a near 100 page Mega-Adventure that takes the heroes through the multiverse; PDF guides on numerous power sets, how to create them, and new power options; PDF guides to devices; and NPC compilations that can be dropped into any ongoing series.

Daring Comics RPG will also be launching the Daring Comics Compatible logo within the next couple of weeks, allowing anyone to create material to go along with the rulebook.

Create your hero. Fight for truth. Battle for justice. Only at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.