Daring Comics Compatibility Logo License

The Daring Comics Compatibility Logo allows publishers and fans to release commercial or free-to-download products using all of the rules contained in the Daring Comics Role-Playing Game absolutely royalty free. There is no approval process, or any requirement to let us know that you’re using the logo, all that’s required is that you adhere to the terms of the Compatibility Logo license.

Now, if you want to contact us about a product you plan to do, we welcome you to do so. We’ll make sure to announce it at the Daring Entertainment webpage and all of our social media outlets for you, and we’ve even established a special category at the Daring Forums for you to post your products in.

Simply download the Daring Comics RPG Compatible License and Logo .zip file from here, and get started today. The zip file contains the logo in both .tiff and png formats, as well as a PDF of the license.