Apocalypse Campaign Guide Kickstarter Now Live (Savage Worlds)

The Apocalypse Campaign Guide Kickstarter for Savage Worlds is now live!

The Apocalypse Campaign Guide, is a toolkit book that provides plenty of character building and storytelling tricks for running an apocalypse campaign. Inside, you’ll find new Edges, Hindrances, and Genre rules; character archetypes and pre-built skill packages; detailed rules for scavenging, building and maintaining your own community, crafting items, and maintaining vehicles and fuel consumption.

GMs and players get detailed tips on running an apocalypse that takes place during the fall of society and all the way to a generation later. We even break down the different scopes an apocalypse can take, and provide details on the different ways things would be handled, ranging from the local level all the way to a global apocalypse.

Apocalypse Unleashed is the companion book, and takes several apocalypse types and provides what we call a “Setting Framework” for them. Each Setting Framework provides GMs with an overview of a unique setting for that type, and provides locations, NPCs, and story factors. You can run each framework right away, and expand on it as you go along. Each is designed to get your game started, but provides you with complete freedom to add your own material along the way.

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